The Research Journal

The Marlowe Society Journal: Large Cover ImageTo further the Society’s charitable objects of developing and encouraging education in Elizabethan and Jacobean literature, and that of Christopher Marlowe in particular, the Research Journal is intended as a forum for all research on Marlowe and his contemporaries that is going on across the world, publishing articles contributed by scholars, academics and Society members.

It carries research and study articles that are within the field and the spirit set out in the Society Policy statement, but that are likely to be too long or too weighty to suit the Newsletter itself. The Journal represents the broad spectrum of opinion on Marlowe’s life and work, and articles also cover related aspects of contemporary drama and literature, as well as some of the more hotly debated topics such as the suspicious circumstances surrounding Marlowe’s reported death in Deptford, and the Shakespearean Authorship question. In general, we invite researchers and academic institutions to keep us informed with articles that expand or deepen our knowledge of the man, his work, and his world.

The first four Research Journals were printed paper publications in the same general format as the Newsletter, but containing more pages – up to 60, plus cover. From Journal 5 onwards, articles are being published online, and can be downloaded free of charge from this website. Each online issue will contain articles published in a calendar year e.g. the online Research Journal 5 contains all articles published in 2008. For an online issue, as for the printed Journals, our aim is to publish a small number of articles of varying length, with a mix of themes.

The Society is NOT currently accepting article submissions for the Research Journal. The last Research Journal volume was published in 2013.

How to Order

Copies of the first four printed Research Journals (where still available) can be ordered for a modest price. The menu on the right can be used to peruse the contents listing for each Journal, or use the Article Index to locate articles on specific subjects.

As explained above, subsequent issues of the Research Journal were published online. Again, use the Journal Menu or Index to find an article of interest, and click on the icon in the Download column to download the article free of charge in PDF format.


As noted above, The Marlowe Society is NOT currently accepting article submissions for the Research Journal.