Elizabethan Drama Texts

Elizabethan Drama

Summary: A wonderful labour of love by Peter Lukacs who is producing an extensive set of non-Shakespearean downloadable plays with a wealth of detailed annotations, including Marlowe’s plays (see below) plus a series of essays to aid appreciation of the language and verse.

Website Link: http://elizabethandrama.org/

Direct Links to Individual Marlowe Plays

Perseus Digital Library

Summary: Tufts University site for the texts of Marlowe’s works. Original spelling, downloadable one scene at a time. Shakespeare texts too. Includes plays: Dido; Tamburlaine Pt I; Pt II; Jew; Dr. Faustus A-Text; B-Text; Faust Bk; Edward II. And poetry: Elegies; Pharsalia; Hero & Leander; Passionate Shepherd; Manwood Epitaph; Pembroke Dedication.

Perseus Digital Library

Website Link: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/