Plays & Poems


Published Works

Marlowe’s published plays and poems

Play/PoemDate WrittenFirst Printed
The First Book of Lucanc.1582
Ovid’s Amoresc.15821600?1Published work was undated.
Dido, Queen of Carthage2For the Children of the Chapel Royal.c.1585/61594
The First Part of Tamburlaine the Greatc.1586/715903Published together in a single volume. Published anonymously.
The Second part of Tamburlaine the Great4For the Lord Admiral’s Men.c.158715905Published together in a single volume. Published anonymously.
The Jew of Malta6For the Lord Admiral’s Men.c.15891633
Doctor Faustus7For the Lord Admiral’s Men.c.15898Revised 1592?16049Pirated publication.
Edward the Second10For the Earl of Pembroke’s Men.c.15921594
The Massacre at Paris11For the Lord Admiral’s Men.c.1592?12Published work was undated. Pirated publication.
Hero and Leanderc.159313Unfinished. Completed by George Chapman, published separately in 1598.1598

Possible Works

Anonymous works possibly attributable to Marlowe (compiled by A.D.Wraight)

Play/PoemDate WrittenFirst Printed
The True History of George Scanderbeg14For the Earl of Pembroke’s Men.c.1582160115Registered in the Stationer’s Register on this date. Published anonymously. A lost play i.e. no published version is extant.
Edward the Third16For the Lord Admiral’s Men. An Armada play based on Holinshed.c.1588159617Published anonymously.
Arden of Faversham18Based on local recent history (1551) and Holinshed.c.1589159219Published anonymously.
The First Part of the Contention betwixt the Two Famous Houses of York and Lancaster20For the Earl of Pembroke’s Men. The basis for Shakespeare’s 2 Henry VI.c.1590159421Published anonymously. Pirated publication.
The True Tragedy of Richard, Duke of York22For the Earl of Pembroke’s Men. The basis for Shakespeare’s 3 Henry VI.c.1590/1159523Published anonymously. Pirated publication.
Henry VI24For the Lord Admiral’s Men. The basis for Shakespeare’s 1 Henry VI.c.1592162325First published in Shakespeare’s First Folio in 1623.