Research Journal 8

Online 2011 Research Articles

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1. Shake-speare’s “Mr W.H.”, the “Dark Lady” and the “Lovely Boy” Christopher Gamble PDF Documents
Christopher Gamble considers the most likely real-life identities for the dedicatee and protagonists of Shake-speare’s Sonnets based on the hypothesis that Marlowe was their author, in an updated version of an article that appeared in Newsletters 22 and 23.
2. She-Wolves of France Barbara Wooding PDf Documents
Barbara Wooding examines the substantial female characters written by Marlowe and contrasts them with those in Shakespeare, with a detailed comparison of two ‘warrior queens’: Marlowe’s Isabella and Shakespeare’s Margaret in the contemporaneous plays Edward II and I Henry VI.
3. Public and Private Prosperity: Setting the Scene for Marlowe’s Jew of Malta Garnet Marriot PDf Documents
Garnet Marriot assesses the contemporary context for the Prologue and first scene in The Jew of Malta, and argues that it closely alludes to the economical and political situation in which both the playwright and nation found itself.
4. The Road to Deptford Strand: Marlowe’s Atheism and the Privy Council Peter Farey PDf Documents
Peter Farey re-examines the contemporary allusions to Marlowe’s atheism along with the official documents pertaining to his arrest, and finds some new clues to – and old misunderstandings of – the events leading up to the playwright’s supposed death on 30 May 1593.