Newsletter 44

Spring 2015

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Editorial Michael McEvoy
4 Christopher Marlowe – A New Spy Thriller! Michael McEvoy
5 CFP: SAT Shakespeare’s Histories
6 Marlowe’s Molotov Cocktail – An Interview with Justin Audibert Michael McEvoy
12 Report: AHRI Global & Local Marlowe Symposium (December 2014) Barbara Wooding
16 The Grafton Portrait & Marlowe Trevor Fisher
21 In Memoriam: Stuart Griffiths (1934-2015) Michael McEvoy
23 Orson Welles & Shakespeare Stuart Griffiths
26 “Prosecute it to the Full” Peter Farey
28 The Muses’ Spring – Marlowe and Dramatic Form in the Renaissance Theatre Barbara Wooding
35 Mr Cantankerous Goes Ranting Yorick
38 Letters to the Editor Readers
43 Theatre Review: The Jew of Malta at the RSC Swan Theatre Valerie Colin-Russ
43 Theatre Review: Tamburlaine Pts I & II at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center, Brooklyn, NY Jim Baffico
46 Book Review: Shakespeare’s Local by Pete Brown Valerie Colin-Russ
48 Marlowe Crossword #36 The Duke of Guise
49 Solution to Crossword #35 The Duke of Guise