Newsletter 35

Autumn 2010

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Editorial Roger Hards
4 Corkine v Marlowe: Marlowe’s Role Redefined Mike Frohnsdorff
7 Loyalty and Freedom in Marlowe’s The Massacre at Paris Garner Marriott
17 Enter Iago (Part I) Isabel Gortázar
21 Shakespeare Authorship Coalition Update Roger Hards
22 Report on Marlowe Day 2010 at Canterbury Roger Hards
23 Review: Arden of Faversham at The Rose on Bankside Barbara Wooding
25 Review: Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 at The Globe Barbara Wooding
27 Book Review: Contested Will by James Shapiro Roger Hards
28 Coded Ambiguity Mike Frohnsdorff
29 After Reading Newsletter 34 Anne Oakley
30 Henslowe and Alleyn Go Digital Roger Hards
31 No Kydding? Eileen Vasey
35 Potpourri: News in Brief Roger Hards
36 Crossword #27 The Duke of Guise
37 Solution to Crossword #26 The Duke of Guise