Newsletter 32

Spring 2009

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Editorial and Letters Roger Hards
4 Poets’ Corner Service – 25 October 2008 Roger Hards
6 The Rose Theatre Project Roger Hards
7 Report on AGM – 28 February 2009 Roger Hards
8 AGM: Marlowe & Machiavelli by Andrew Burton Roger Hards
10 AGM: The Mysteries of Marlowe by Peter Wales Roger Hards
11 Tobacco, Booze & Women – Kit Marlowe’s Dangerous Living Isabel Gort├ízar
17 Guy of Warwick – A Staged Reading Barbara Wooding
20 Review: The Reckoning of Kit & Little Boots at The Gallery Players Theatre, New York Andrew Fingland
22 Review: Dido, Queen of Carthage at The National Theatre, London Michael McEvoy
24 Book Review: Faust: My Soul Be Damed For The World by E.A.Bucchianeri Roger Hards
25 Ten Days to Live Michael Frohnsdorff
31 Artistic Licence and Textual Authority Barbara Wooding
35 The Hoffman Prize 2009
36 Crossword #24 The Duke of Guise
37 Solution to Crossword #23 The Duke of Guise