Newsletter 22

Spring 2004

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Editorial Roger Hards
4 In Memoriam: Stephen Charles Bindon Russell Various
5 Deptford Memorial Service – 07 February 2004
6 Report on AGM – 28 February 2004 Committee
9 Marlowe in Padua Christian Lanciai
11 ‘Mr W.H’, the ‘Dark Lady’, and the ‘Lovely Boy’ (Pt 1) Chris Gamble
15 Small Clues in the Shrews Isabel Gortázar
19 Marlowe in a Nutshell Peter Farey
19 Review: The Beard of Avon at NY Theatre Workshop James A. Baffico
23 Review: Tamburlaine: Read not Dead at The Globe John Grant
25 Review: Othello at The Swan Theatre, Stratford Beverley Lawrence
26 Marlovian Post Script Peter Farey
27 News: Marlowe in The Harrioteer; Scadbury Documents abstracted by ODAS; Textual Analysis Project; A Northumbian Experience.
29 Hero’s Missing Speech Beatrix
32 Crossword 14 The Duke of Guise
33 Solution to Crossword #13 The Duke of Guise