Marlowe’s Poetry

*The Collected Poems of Christopher Marlowe

  • Authors: Patrick Cheney, Brian J. Striar
  • Published: OUP1 2005.
  • Details: Paperback. 320pp. [Contents Listing]
  • ISBN: 0195147774
  • Summary: A comprehensive anthology with extensive notes, including the Epitaph to Roger Manwood, Epistle to Mary Sidney Herbert, responses to The Passionate Shepherd, and continuations to Hero and Leander by both Chapman and Petowe.
  • Reviews: OUP

 The Collected Poems of Christopher Marlowe by Patrick Cheney & Brian J. Striar

*Christopher Marlowe: The Complete Poems

  • Editor: Prof. Mark Burnett
  • Published: Phoenix Press 2000 / Everyman 2001.
  • Details: Paperback. 128pp.
  • ISBN: 0460879952
  • Summary: Slim single volume edition of Marlowe’s poetry with introduction and notes on each poem.

 Christopher Marlowe: The Complete Poems (Ed. Mark Thornton Burnett)

The Complete Poems and Translations

  • Editor: Stephen Orgel
  • Published: Penguin Classics 2007.
  • Details: Paperback. 320pp.
  • ISBN: 0143104950
  • Summary: Anthology containing a comprehensive look at Marlowe’s essential lyric works. Revised and updated.

 Christopher Marlowe - The Complete Poems and Translations Ed. Stephen Orgel

Elegies of Love by Ovid

  • Translated: Christopher Marlowe
  • Published: Pallas Athene Arts 2006.
  • Details: Paperback. 64pp.
  • ISBN: 1843680262
  • Summary: 31 of Auguste Rodin’s free life drawings are paired with selected Love Elegies from Ovid, as translated by Marlowe.

Elegies of Love by Ovid, trans. Marlowe, with drawings by Auguste Rodin