Editions of Marlowe’s Collected Works

*The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe (5 Vols)

  • Editor: Roma Gill
  • Published: OUP1 1986-98.
  • Vol I: Ovid/Lucan/Dido/H&L; 330pp (0198118783)
  • Vol II: Dr.Faustus;184pp (0198127693)
  • Vol III: Edward II; 188pp (0198122780)
  • Vol IV: Jew of Malta; 148pp (0198127707)
  • Vol V: TambI&II/Massacre; 460pp (0198183208)
  • Summary: Painstaking scholarship, but expensive!
  • Buy Online: Oxford University Press; Hive; Wordery.

 The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe (Ed. Roma Gill)

*The Works of Christopher Marlowe

  • Author: C.F. Tucker Brooke
  • Published: 1st Edition: Oxford 1910. Many subsequent editions (Oxford: Clarendon Press).
  • Details: Hard cover. 664pp.
  • Contents: Tamburlaine I & II; Doctor Faustus; Jew of Malta; Edward II; Dido; Massacre at Paris; Hero & Leander; Ovid’s Elegies; Sir John Davies’ Epigrams; First Book of Lucan. Each with a brief introduction, plus textual notes.
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 The Works of Christopher Marlowe by C.F. Tucker Brooke

Christopher Marlowe: The Complete Plays (Penguin Classics)

  • Editors: Frank Romany, Robert Lindsey
  • Published: Penguin Books Ltd 2003.
  • Details: Paperback. 752pp.
  • ISBN: 0140436332
  • Summary: The plays, incl. both A- and B-Texts of Dr. Faustus. Sparse textual notes.
  • Buy Online: BetterWorldBooks; Hive; Wordery.

 Christopher Marlowe: The Complete Plays - Penguin Classics (Ed. Frank Romany, Robert Lindsey)

*Doctor Faustus and Other Plays

  • Editors: David Bevington, Eric Rasmussen.
  • Published: OUP1 1998.
  • Details: Paperback. 544pp.
  • ISBN: 0192834452
  • Summary: Tamb I & II; Dr Faustus A- and B-Texts; Jew of Malta; Edward II. Modernised spelling etc, a scholarly introduction, detailed annotation.
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 Doctor Faustus and Other Plays (Ed. David Bevington, Eric Rasmussen)

*The Plays of Christopher Marlowe

  • Author: Christopher Marlowe
  • Series: World’s Classics Series No. 478.
  • Published: 1st Edition: OUP 1939.
  • Details: Hard cover.
  • ISBN: 0192504789 (later editions)
  • Summary: Dido/Tamb/Jew/EdwII/Faustus/Massacre

Marlowe's Plays and Poems (Ed. M.R.Ridley)

*Marlowe’s Plays and Poems

  • Editor: M.R.Ridley
  • Series: Everymans Library No. 383
  • Published: J.M.Dent & Sons 1955, 58, 61, 65.
  • Details: Hard cover. 462pp.
  • Summary: Plays, poems, translations of Ovid and Lucan, plus introduction by M.R.Ridley.

Marlowe's Plays and Poems (Ed. M.R.Ridley)