Research Journal 4

September 2006

Pg Article Title Author
3 Jonson, Shakespeare and Marlowe: Every Man Out of His Humour Daryl Pinksen
Daryl Pinksen considers the parts of Sogliardo (Every Man Out of His Humour) and William (As You Like It) as satires of William Shakespeare the man, and what it tells us about Shakespeare the author.
24 An Examination of The Boy’s Song from The Two Noble Kinsmen Sandra Lauder
Sandra Lauder examines the floral symbolism in The Boy’s Song which opens The Two Noble Kinsmen, in particular the marigold reference, and considers which real personages might be being alluded to.
31 The Tempest: A Play by Christopher Marlowe? Isabel Gortázar
Isabel Gortázar researches the Cabalistic, Numerological and Masonic allusions in The Tempest, which, along with some autobiographical clues, she suggests hint at Marlowe as author.
57 About The Marlowe Society Research Journal Roger Hards