Marlowe Library

The Marlowe Society Library is housed in Faversham, Kent, and can be visited by Society members by appointment.  The Marlowe Society was pleased to announce in 2007 that it had established a Library in Faversham, Kent, thanks to a great deal of hard work by former Chairman Mike Frohnsdorff. Colin Parry spent a year cataloguing the best part of 500 books which the Marlowe Society Library now boasts. The catalogue is now available online, and this page also provides information about using the library. The Society is extremely grateful to Colin Parry and to our current Librarian, Paul Moorbath, who, between them, have catalogued over 1200 books. 

Where is the Marlowe Society Library?

The Society’s Library is housed in an upstair room at the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre in Faversham, Kent, whose details are shown on the right. There is a good train service to Faversham from both London Victoria (just over an hour) and Canterbury East (less than 15 minutes). The Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre is then a short walk the length of Preston Street from the station. 

How Can I Get Access to the Library?

The Library is available for use by all Marlowe Society members. Access can be arranged by contacting curator Paul Moorbath by telephone (01795 534542) or email (via Note that the Society does not allow books to be borrowed or removed from the Library. 

How Can I Find Out What Books are in the Library?

Click here to view the Marlowe Society Library catalogue in PDF format. 

What Else is in the Library?

The Library contains a back catalogue of all Marlowe Society Newsletters and Research Journals, as well as other one-off publications such as the Westminster Abbey Poets’ Corner Souvenir Booklet. The Library also holds the archive of Society papers, which includes items dating back to formation of the Marlowe Society in 1955 (see Society History – Note 1). 

What Study Facilities Does the Library Have?

The Marlowe Society Library Room provides a peaceful environment for study. There are desk surfaces for taking notes or for working on a laptop. There are power-points to plug a lap-top into, but no internet connection.