The Email Newsletter

We now send monthly news bulletins to members, giving information about the latest goings on at the Marlowe Society, as well as providing news of theatrical productions of Marlowe plays, play readings, events, and other items of interest to our Society members. You do not have to be a member to receive the newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter by completing the simple form on the right sidebar of this page (See ‘Join the Mailing List’).

The publications below are no longer in print or circulation. They are  listed to show what the Society has published in the past.

The Marigold

The Marigold: Small Cover Image

The Marigold was a Marlowe Society newsletter that was published twice a year in the Spring and the Autumn. It has now been replaced by the Email newsletter (see above).

Marlowe Guide

The Marlowe Society produced this overview Guide to Marlowe’s life and works which was published in February 2010.

The Marlowe Guide: Small Cover Image

The 24-page publication has been printed as an A5 booklet with many colour images. The Guide covers each key phase of Marlowe’s life, including growing up in Canterbury, his time at Cambridge University, working as a goverment spy, arriving as a London playwright, and his death in Deptford. It also contains sections on each of his major plays, and provides an overview of his non-dramatic poetry as well.

The Guide is currently being updated and will be available again in the near future. Further details can be found in the Marlowe Guide section.

Society Newsletter

The Marlowe Society Newsletter: Small Cover Image

Published twice a year in the Spring and the Autumn until 2015, the Marlowe Society Newsletter (latterly renamed the Marlowe Society Journal) contained shorter articles on a wide range of subjects relating to Marlowe, Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, as well as wider issues such as the Shakespearean Authorship debate.

Each issue also included news items of interest, reported on the latest work of the Society and forthcoming events, and also publishes reviews by Society members of books and play performances.

Peruse the Marlowe Society Newsletters section, which has more information, including Contents listings of past issues.

Research Journal

The Marlowe Society Research Journal: Small Cover Image

The Marlowe Society Research Journal was the forum for lengthier and more detailed research articles contributed by scholars, academics and Society members. The first four Journals were printed publications, whilst subsequent research articles were published online until 2013.

As with the Newsletter, the Journal represented the broad spectrum of opinion on Marlowe’s life and work, and articles also covered related aspects of contemporary drama and literature, as well as some of the more hotly debated topics such as the suspicious circumstances surrounding Marlowe’s reported death in Deptford, and the Shakespearean Authorship question.

Peruse the Research Journal section, which contains Contents listings of past Journal issues.