Plays About Marlowe

The plays and links on this page are about or reference Christopher Marlowe and/or his works. It is remarkable just how many new plays have been inspired by the events in and surrounding the life of Marlowe and we are delighted to bring some of the best of them to a wider audience by publishing them on this website. These are all original works and we have been given permission by their authors to be placed on here.

Please contact us if you require more information or if you wish to use one of these plays for performance or group reading: they are an excellent way to encourage discussion and participation

One-Act Play
by Malcolm Elliott 

Watching a play like Folio is bound to make one question the evidence on which it is based. The story of Orsino’s visit to Elizabeth is told in great detail by Leslie Hotson in his book The First Night of ‘Twelfth Night’, published in 1954. What happened to Marlowe at Deptford is disputed, but doubt about the official account of his death, as well as much detail about his life, can be found on the Marlowe website of Peter Farey:

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