Research Journal 1

December 2004

Pg Article Title Author
3 Dedication Mike Frohnsdorff
The Marlowe Society Chairman dedicates the Research Journal to the late Dolly Wraight and outlines the aims for the new publication.
4 The Marigold Emblem Roger Hards
The Journal Editor considers the significance to Marlowe of the marigold emblem that appeared on the title page of Hero & Leander.
6 Hero & Leander: the Background Yvonne Adams
Yvonne Adams considers the poem’s influences, sources, genre, composition and publication to try and assess Marlowe’s underlying intentions.
14 Origins of the Shakespeare Authorship Debate Daryl Pinksen
Daryl Pinksen analyses the historical paradigm shifts associated with research into the autobiographical aspects of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.
28 The Clue in The Shrew Isabel Gortázar
Isabel Gort├ízar identifies a number of pointers to Marlowe’s supposed death in the 1623 First Folio printing of The Taming of the Shrew, and concludes that these also offer important clues to the Shakespeare Authorship question.
[A subsequent and revised version of this article is now available in Online Research Journal 6]
53 A Note About the Next Issue Roger Hards