Newsletter 36

Spring 2011

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 In Memoriam June Everett Powls Mike Frohnsdorff
4 Editorial Roger Hards
4 Report on AGM – 26 February 2011 Jennifer Margrave
7 Poets’ Corner Service – 23 October 2010 Roger Hards
8 Lecture Review: Marlowe’s London: A Discovery (09 April 2011) Barbara Wooding
10 First Quarto Othello Barbara Wooding
13 Enter Iago (Part II) Isabel Gortázar
17 Corkine v Marlowe: The Identity of Doo & Roo Nevil Barker
18 Lecture Review: The Ruin of a Multitude (25 September 2010) Barbara Wooding
20 The Character of Kit Marlowe Roger Hards
22 Book Review: Christopher Marlowe the Craftsman – Sarah K. Scott, M.L. Stapleton (Eds) Roger Hards
22 Book Review: Marlowe: Soul’d to the Devil by David Lawrence-Young Roger Hards
23 Book Review: The Marlowe Conspiracy by M.G. Scarsbrook Roger Hards
24 Play Review: Darling Kit by Andy Wilson Roger Hards
24 Lecture Review: Highway to Hell: Marlowe’s Life Through Faustus by L.M. Gandulfo Roger Hards
25 Play Review: Edward II at The Rose on Bankside Jennifer Margrave
27 Potpourri: News in Brief Roger Hards
28 Shake-scene and that Upstart Crow: Two Killer Arguments Against Greene Referring to Shakespeare Nevil Barker Download
29 News: Donna Murphy is Joint Winner of 2010 Hoffman Prize Roger Hards
30 The Hoffman Prize 2011: Entries are Invited
31 Listing of Online Research Journal Articles So Far in 2011
32 Crossword #28 The Duke of Guise
33 Solution to Crossword #27 The Duke of Guise