Newsletter 23

Autumn 2004

Pg Article Title Author Sample
3 Editorial Roger Hards
4 Report on Marlowe Day 2004 Roger Hards
5 ‘Mr W.H’, the ‘Dark Lady’, and the ‘Lovely Boy’ (Pt 2) Chris Gamble
10 Arden of Faversham Christian Lanciai
12 Who’s Afraid of Kit Marlowe? Isabel Gort├ízar
18 Shakespeare’s Monument Peter Farey
24 Thomas Watson, Poet (c.1556-1592) Albert Chatterley Download
28 Of Malaprops or Misprints Roger Hards
31 Review: A musical adaptation of Doctor Faustus at Barons Court Theatre Valerie Colin-Russ
31 A Webmaster’s Post-Load Roger Hards
32 Crossword #15 The Duke of Guise
33 Solution to Crossword #14 The Duke of Guise