London Marlowe Day 2019

Chairman Prof Kenneth Pickering and Secretary Peter Cherry open the AGM.

A vote was held for committee members, with George Metcalfe stepping down and being replaced as Executive Vice President by Dr Joanna Labon. Tom Slator was welcomed as the new Treasurer with grateful thanks to Charles Cox for his wonderful tenure. Professor Richard Wilson spoke about the Shakespeare North theatre in Liverpool and the ARTS (Association of Replica Theatres) project, which both bode well for promotion of Elizabethan drama.

Dr Joanna Labon gives her report as Heritage Officer for the Society.

Various matters were discussed, including the statue effort for Canterbury by an independent group, a garden party hosted by former Archbishop of Canterbury at his college in Cambridge to raise funds, and a plea for more contributors for the newsletter.  George Metcalfe volunteered to organise the Christopher marlowe memorial service at Poet’sCorner in Westminster abbey this year.

Members had also ordered a fish and chips lunch, which was duly delivered and enjoyed.

Professor Chris Carr talks provenance-based analysis

In the afternoon, Professor Chris Carr from the Edinburgh Business School delivered a powerful lecture analysing Ovid’s influence on Marlowe and later writers including Shakespeare by reviewing the latter’s Venus and Adonis. He raised many interesting issues on the basis of creative provenance and demonstrated how Ovid’s body of work was instrumental to the creation of so many literary and dramatic works especially during the Elizabethan era.

Lizzie Willis introduces her one-woman show “Marlowe’s Women”.

After this, the audience were treated to a wonderful one-woman performance by Lizzie Willis, simply entitled “Marlowe’s Women”. The play was devised together with Prof Ken Pickering and director Sally Elkerton. Willis gave a delightful performance, showcasing some of Marlowe’s best known female characters and protagonists through that immeasurably beautiful prose with the appropriate timbre and poise. Bravo, Lizzie.

Lizzie reenacts a scene where a sacrificial virgin begs Tamburlaine for mercy.

A wonderful time was had by all, as longtime members got together for a catch-up, and newer members strengthened their bond with the Society.

London Marlowe Day 2019

London Marlowe Day 2019

As usual, our London Marlowe Day was held on the 23rd February 2019 at the King and Queen Pub in London.

With a lecture by Professor Chris Carr and a sneak preview of the one-woman show “Marlowe’s Women” by Lizzie Willis, read more about the event here.