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Reading List

Books on Renaissance Drama & Dramatists

Books on Renaissance Drama & Dramatists
William Shakespeare: A Compact Documentary Life by Samuel Schoenbaum

William Shakespeare: A Compact Documentary Life

  • Author: Samuel Schoenbaum
  • Published: OUP1 1988. Other Editions.
  • Details: Paperback. 416pp.
  • ISBN: 0195051610
  • Summary: The definitive scholarly biography of Shakespeare, based on documentary evidence.
  • See also: A Documentary Life [0198125755]
  • Buy Online: ;; OUP.
Ben Jonson: His Life and Work by Rosalind Miles

Ben Jonson: His Life and Work

  • Author: Rosalind Miles
  • Published: Routledge & Kegan Paul 1986.
  • Details: Hard cover. 306pp.
  • ISBN: 0710208383
  • Summary: A biography that also outlines Jonson's work and its context.
  • Reviews: Reviews
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The Shakespearean Stage, 1574-1642 by Andrew Gurr

*The Shakespearean Stage, 1574-1642

Shakespeare's Opposites: The Admiral's Company 1594-1625 by Andrew Gurr

Shakespeare's Opposites: The Admiral's Company 1594-1625

  • Author: Andrew Gurr
  • Published: Cambridge UP April 2009.
  • Details: Hardback. 328pp.
  • ISBN: 052186903X; 978-0521869034.
  • Summary: Prof. Gurr turns his attention to the Admiral's Men, who staged many of Marlowe's plays, played at The Rose and The Fortune, and boasted Edward Alleyn as their lead actor.
  • Contents & Extracts: Cambridge UP
  • Review: Times Literary Supplement
  • Buy Online: ;
Henslowe's Diary by W.W.Greg

Henslowe's Diary

  • Author: W.W.Greg
  • Published: A.H.Bullen, London 1904, 1908.
  • Details: Hard Cover. 2 Volumes.
  • Vol I: Diary Text - 240pp (1904).
  • Vol II: Commentary - 400pp (1908).
  • Summary: The first complete transcription, followed by a second volume of extensive commentary.
  • Reviews: Map of Early Modern London
  • Buy Online: .
Henslowe's Diary (Ed. R.A.Foakes, R.T.Rickert)

*Henslowe's Diary

  • Editor(s): R.A.Foakes, R.T.Rickert
  • Published: Cambridge University Press
  • 1st Edn: Hard cover, 368pp (1961).
  • 2nd Edn: Paperback, 436pp (2002).
  • ISBN: 0521524024
  • Summary: Based heavily on Greg's edition, with some minor corrections.
  • Reviews: Map of Early Modern London
  • Buy Online: ;
The Elizabethan Stage by E.K. Chambers

*The Elizabethan Stage

  • Author: E.K. Chambers
  • Published: Oxford; at the Clarendon Press 1923.
  • Details: Hardback. 4 Volumes.
  • Contents: Vol I: The Court; Control of the Stage. Vol II: Companies; Actors; Play-houses. Vol III: Staging; Plays & Playwrights. Vol IV: Anonymous Work; Appendices; Indexes. [Contents List]
  • Summary: The reference work covering every aspect of renaissance drama in England in remarkable detail. Vast and indispensable!
  • Buy Online: ;
The Rose and The Globe - Playhouses of Shakespeare's Bankside, Southwark: Excavations 1988-90 by Julian Bowsher & Pat Miller

The Rose and The Globe: Excavations 1988-90

  • Authors: Julian Bowsher & Pat Miller.
  • Published: Museum of London Archaeology, November 2009.
  • Details: Hardback. 280pp.
  • ISBN-10: 1901992853; 978-1901992854
  • Review: Independent
  • Summary: A comprehensive and detailed account of the archaeological excavations, and what those finds tell us about how these two famous Bankside playhouses were used.
  • Buy Online: ;; Globe Shop; Museum of London.
The Queen's Men and Their Plays by Scott McMillin & Sally-Beth Maclean

*The Queen's Men and Their Plays

  • Authors: Scott McMillin, Sally-Beth Maclean
  • Published: Cambridge UP 1998, 2006.
  • Details: Paperback. 272pp.
  • ISBN: 0521025397
  • Summary: The all-star acting company of the 1580's: their acting style, staging methods, touring patterns and repertoire.
  • Reviews: Cambridge University Press
  • Buy Online: ;
John Lowin and the English Theatre, 1603-1647 by Barbara Wooding

*John Lowin and the English Theatre, 1603-1647

  • Authors: Barbara Wooding
  • Published: Ashgate August 2013.
  • Details: Hardback. 218pp.
  • ISBN: 1409452670
  • Summary: Comprehensive overview of the life and times of John Lowin, a leader of the King's Men and one of the greatest 17th century actors, based on research into his documented activities within the acting company.
  • Buy Online: ;; Ashgate.
Great Neglected Speeches from the Elizabethan Stage by Michael Frohnsdorff & Ken Pickering

*Great Neglected Speeches from the Elizabethan Stage

  • Authors: Michael Frohnsdorff & Ken Pickering.
  • Published: Pen Press, March 2010.
  • Details: Paperback. 230pp.
  • ISBN: 1907499199
  • Review: Marlowe Society Website Review
  • Summary: This sourcebook for actors, students and theatre-goers provides a remarkable collection of classic speeches from the Elizabethan stage which have been unfairly neglected due to the popularity of Shakespeare.
  • Buy Online: ;
The Performer's Anthology by Ken Pickering

The Performer's Anthology

  • Author: Ken Pickering
  • Published: Janus Publishing, London 2008.
  • Details: Paperback. 230pp.
  • ISBN: 1857566432
  • Summary: A unique international collection of performance pieces taken from ancient and modern texts, for actors and teachers alike. The Drama section includes material from both Doctor Faustus and Lusts Dominion.
  • Buy Online: ;
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