The Marlowe Guide: Large Cover ImageThe Marlowe Society has produced this overview Guide to Marlowe’s life and works, which was published in February 2010. The Marlowe Guide is to be sold at various venues and locations around the country with Marlovian or Elizabethan dramatic associations, and can also be ordered online via this website. It is hoped that the Guide will help to generate interest in our poet who was at the forefront of the English dramatic renaissance, and was also a man whose brief but exhilarating life was packed with adventure.

The 24-page publication has been printed as an A5 booklet with many colour images. The Guide covers each key phase of Marlowe’s life, and also contains sections on each of his major plays, as well as providing an overview of his non-dramatic poetry. Marlowe’s life and interests are placed in contemporary context, and there is discussion of related subjects such as Ralegh’s ‘School of Night’ and his work as a government agent.


  1. Early Days at Canterbury (1564-80)Excerpt from the Marlowe Guide
  2. Cambridge 1580-87: Corpus Christi College
  3. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  4. London Playwright: Tamburlaine
  5. Ralegh’s ‘Little Academie’
  6. Doctor Faustus
  7. The Jew of Malta
  8. Edward the Second
  9. English Poet
  10. Death (?) at Deptford: 30 May 1593
  11. Or Could He Have Survived?

How to Order

The Guide will be on sale at various Marlowe-associated locations in the UK e.g. venues in Canterbury such as the Cathedral and Tourist Information office, and places in London such as The Rose and Globe theatres. Copies can also be ordered online via this website whilst still available. Note that Marlowe Society members are entitled to a discount when purchasing a copy of the Guide.