The Marlowe Society
Christopher Marlowe takes his place in Westminster Abbey: the memorial 'lozenge' was placed in the Poets' Corner window during the Dedication Service on 11 July 2002
The Christopher Marlowe memorial 'lozenge' was placed in the Poets' Corner window in 2002
03 November 2014

Westminster Abbey Ceremony

Details of the 2014 ceremony in Poet's Corner are confirmed.

The biennial Marlowe Society ceremony honouring the name of Christopher Marlowe in Westminster Abbey will take place at noon on Saturday 22 November 2014. The ceremony will take place in Poet's Corner, in front of the Memorial Window on which Marlowe's name is engraved.

It is a short but always enjoyable event, and especially poignant this year being the 450th anniversary of our playwright's birth. To mark this occasion, the service will include readings from Marlowe's works delivered by a number of renowned actors, interspersed with Elizabethan songs, prayers, a blessing, as well as the traditional laying of the Marigold wreath.

We are very pleased and honoured this year to announce that Society President Mark Rylance will read a part from Doctor Faustus during the event, whilst Vice-President Julian Glover will deliver a speech as Tamburlaine. One or two further readers may be confirmed shortly. A dozen pupils from the King's School in Canterbury will sing, unaccompanied, a rather beautiful William Byrd piece divided into three parts.

Entrance into the Abbey for this ceremony can be achieved by presenting yourself at the side door on the West Gate, approximately a quarter of an hour before noon. Inform one of the red-caped marshals on duty there that you are attending the Christopher Marlowe anniversary event in Poets' Corner, and you will be escorted to the waiting area just inside the door. All attendees should be gathered here ahead of being led into Poets' Corner at noon. Seats will be made available for attendees to use during the ceremony. Members of the Marlowe Society and their guests may also like to meet up for refreshments in the Cafeteria afterwards.

Further details may be obtained by contacting the Marlowe Society Social Secretary Frieda Barker.