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The Marlowe Guide published by the Marlowe Society
20 March 2010

A Guide to Marlowe

Our Marlowe Guide publication is now available

At the end of February the Society published its own Marlowe Guide, a small booklet that provides an introduction to Marlowe's life and works. The first print run was completed just in time for the AGM, and the very attractive looking publication instantly proved very popular with members.

The inspiration for the Guide came from the observation that our poet is somewhat ill-served at the various historic locations where one might expect to find literature on Marlowe. Tourists visiting Canterbury, for example, are not exactly overwhelmed with information about the city's most famous literary son. The idea was thus conceived for a relatively brief guide to Marlowe, in the same vein as the series of Pitkin Guides, which would be made available at various venues and locations around the country with Marlovian or Elizabethan dramatic associations. It is hoped that the Guide will help to generate interest in the poet who was at the forefront of the English dramatic renaissance, and was also a man whose brief but exhilarating life was packed with adventure and mystery.

The 24-page publication has been printed as an A5 booklet packed with over 25 colour and black and white images. The Guide covers each key phase of Marlowe's life, and also contains sections on each of his major plays, as well as providing an overview of his non-dramatic poetry. Marlowe's life and interests are placed in contemporary context, and there is discussion of related subjects such as Ralegh's so-called 'School of Night' and Marlowe's work as a government agent.

The Guide is the work of the Society's Newsletter, Research Journal and Website Editor, Roger Hards. He has put an immense amount of work into writing the text, selecting the images, as well as arranging the printing. That the end result is such an impressive publication both in terms of look and content is a testament to his dedication and hard work, all of which the Society is extremely grateful for.

The Marlowe Guide should already be on sale at various locations, including some in Canterbury and The Rose Theatre on London's Bankside, and can also be ordered online via our website. For more details on the contents and how to order it online, please consult the new Marlowe Guide page in our Society Publications section.