Past Winners
Year Winner(s) Establishment Essay Title Adjudicator
1988 David Webb Lancaster University Pageants Truly Play’d: Self-dramatization in Marlowe’s Tamburlaine and Edward II Discussed in Relation to Shakespearian Melodrama Stanley Wells
1989 Dr. Kurt Tetzeli von Rosador Munster University, Germany Shakespeare and his Contemporaries: Essays in Comparison Stanley Wells or
Ernst Honigman*
1990 Prof. Lawrence Danson Princeton University, USA Continuity and Character in Marlowe and Shakespeare Stanley Wells or
Ernst Honigman*
Dr. R. Dutton Lancaster University Marlowe: Censorship and Construction
1991 Professor Thomas Cartelli Muhlenberg College, USA Marlowe, Shakespeare, and the Economy of Theatrical Experience Stanley Wells or
Ernst Honigman*
1992 Prize not awarded Stanley Wells or
Ernst Honigman*
1993 Dr. David Pascoe Oriel College, Oxford “To Possess His Books”: Ovid, Marlowe, and Shakespeare’s Last Plays Stanley Wells or
Ernst Honigman*
1994 Dr. Lisa Hopkins Sheffield Hallam University “Lear, Lear, Lear”: Marlowe, Shakespeare and the Third Stanley Wells or
Ernst Honigman*
Prof. James Shapiro Columbia University, NY The Stranger in Marlowe and Shakespeare
1995 Prof. Jonathan Bate University of Liverpool Marlowe’s Ghost T.W.Craik
1996 Dr. Ruth Lunney University of Newcastle, Australia Not ‘Shakespearean’ but ‘Debatable’: Rewriting the Narrative of Dramatic Character T.W.Craik
1997 Jill Farringdon University of Swansea Attributing Marlowe and Shakespeare Darryll Grantley
1998 Prof. David Riggs Stanford University The Killing of Christopher Marlowe Darryll Grantley
1999 Prof. Kent Cartwright University of Maryland Bearing Witness to Tamburlaine Darryll Grantley
2000 Prize not awarded Jonathan Bate
2001 Prof. Michael Hattaway MA PhD University of Sheffield Myths of Empire, State and Nation in Marlovian and Shakespearian Texts Jonathan Bate
Michael Rubbo The Helpful Eye, NSW Much Ado About Something
(video documentary)
2002 Dr. Peter R. Roberts University of Kent ‘View but his picture in this tragic glass’: Marlowe’s Image and Identity Jonathan Bate
Lukas Erne Geneva University Biography, Mythography, and Criticism: the Life and Works of Marlowe
2003 Prof. A.L. Goldberger MD
Albert C.C. Yang MD
C.K. Peng PhD
Harvard Medical School The Marlowe-Shakespeare Authorship Debate: Approaching an Old Problem with New Methods Jonathan Bate
2004 Prize not awarded Unknown
2005 Prof. Tom Bishop University of Auckland
University of Case Western Reserve, Ohio
The Shadow of Your Sorrow: Marlowe’s Presence in Shakespeare’s Richard II Unknown
2006 Dr. Martin Wiggins The Shakespeare Institute,
University of Birmingham
When did Marlowe Write Dido, Queen of Carthage? Park Honan
2007 Peter Farey MA Hoffman and the Authorship Park Honan
Timothy D. Crowley University of Maryland Arms and the Boy: Aeneas & the Parody of Imitation in Dido, Queen of Carthage
2008 Dr David Mateer Open University New Sightings of Marlowe in London Park Honan
Dr Goran Stanivukovic University of Sheffield Remember Me: Marlowe and the Pleasure of Influence in Shakespeare
2009 Dr. Andrew Duxfield Sheffield Hallam University Individual and Multitude in The Jew of Malta Park Honan
2010 Dominic Cleary The Senseless Lure: Lines of Debt and Detail from Marlowe to Shakespeare Park Honan
Donna N. Murphy Christopher Marlowe and the Authorship of Early English Anonymous Plays
2011 Ros Barber The Marlowe Papers Park Honan
Dominic Cleary Mirrors in a Maze: Shakespeare and Marlowe
Neal Fox
Omran Ehmoda
Eugene Charniak
Brown University, Rhode Island Statistical Stylometrics and the Marlowe-Shakespeare Authorship
2012 Peter Farey MA Arbella Stuart and Christopher Marlowe Park Honan
Dr Peter R. Roberts University of Kent Christopher Marlowe at Cambridge, 1580-1587: Presences and Absences
2013 Kirk Melnikoff University of North Carolina Flaskett and Linley’s Tragedy of Dido Queen of Carthage Park Honan
Dr Robert Sawyer East Tennessee State University Recent Reckonings: Marlowe, Shakespeare and 21st Century Terrorism
2014 Dr Ros Barber Goldsmiths, University of London “Shortly he will quite forget to go”: Marlowe and the Faustus Epigrams Alison Shell
Professor Laurie Maguire & Dr Emma Smith University of Oxford What is a Source? Or, How Shakespeare Read his Marlowe
2015 Professor Matthew Steggle Sheffield Hallam University Marlowe’s Lost Play: “The Maiden’s Holiday” and the Early Reception of “Come Live With Me Alison Shell
2016 Asst Prof Claire M. L. Bourne Penn State University Making a Scene: Or, Tamburlaine the Great in Print Alison Shell
Dr Peter R. Roberts University of Kent Christopher Marlowe, the Dutch Church Libel and the ‘Anti-Alien Riot’ of May 1593 in Theatre History and the Documentary Record
  • *Note on early Adjudicators: We believe that both Stanley Wells and Ernst Honigman separately acted as adjudicator in some of the years between 1988 and 1994, but not which of these adjudicated in which year. Please contact the Editor if you are able to help us on these details.