In February 2016, Dr Joanna Labon and Sally Elkerton launched the Canterbury Christopher Marlowe Museum Project at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury. Our aim was to work towards a permanent heritage space in Canterbury where Christopher Marlowe could be celebrated in the city of his birth. Since then we have established an active committee with interests in drama, sculpture, heritage renovation, art, education, architecture, writing and research.

We have worked with Eastbridge Hospital on an exhibition, “Canterbury’s Rash Boy: Christopher Marlowe” (Summer 2016). We have also worked closely with The Marlowe Theatre on “Creed of Spies” (Summer 2017) and in establishing The Kit, a live museum and playhouse in a twelfth century building in central Canterbury (formerly the Canterbury Heritage Museum).

Our patron is Rowan Williams, Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge and former Archbishop of Canterbury.

We have always worked closely with the Marlowe Society and our membership overlaps. In 2018 we are rolling our activities in with the Society. We will continue to develop projects and events for the people of Canterbury and her visitors.

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